Wagons West is dedicated to the further education and enjoyment of all who are interested in California History.

The program is designed for fourth grade students and adheres to the California State Board of Education’s Fourth Grade History-Social Science Content Standards. Students will learn about the physical and human geographic features that define places and regions in California and the World.

Immigration and migration to California, including the diverse composition of those who came and the countries of their origin will be discussed, along with the impact that the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad had on agriculture and the economy.

Our Mission is to:
  1. Educate California’s youth about the history of our state and those who immigrated during the 1850s.
  2. Provide a hands-on, memorable, and entertaining program that young and old alike will enjoy.
  3. Show our guests how we are all responsible for the care of California’s natural resources of water and land so that future generations may also enjoy them.
  4. Explain the impact of the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad on the economy and environment.
  5. Provide an understanding of how important environment is and always will be to the well being of California and the world at large.
Our State, Our Future

Wagons West was born out of a dream to bring the past to life for children. As educators and interpreters, we feel it is important that we teach our future generations how our state was settled and the dramatic effect it had on our country and the world.

To meet these goals, Wagons West was founded as a place like no other with a “living” exhibit and real life interpreters explaining and showing what it was like to live during those transformative years.

This educational hands-on interpretive program is based on the “Frontier
Farmers” exhibit, which won an international Award among Fairs and Expositions in the category of new programs at the 2005 California State Fair.

We offer tours customized to your groups and welcome guests of all
ages and origins. Our program is designed to appeal to all age groups
while maintaining California Board of Education standards.

  • Skilled educational interpreters with decades of experience and knowledge about California History.
  • A program that meets California Board of Education standards.
  • Authentic 1850’s Owensboro Covered Wagon.
  • A complete farm encampment including original and reproduction farm tools.
  • Numerous “hands on” activities such as rope making, plowing, and weaving.
  • Emphasis on agriculture and environmental education.

Our tours are designed to give students and adults alike an experience they will never forget. Learning about California history comes to life with interpreters that wear period accurate clothing.

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