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    • 3” – trays with 32 plants
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Wilton Family Farm offers a variety of lavender plants that are acclimated to grow successfully in zone 5 – 7. Lavender propagated on our farm takes place in the spring and fall.  Lavender is in full flower mid July.

A few of our varieties:

ROYAL VELVET – Great oil producer.  Small to medium plant with deep purple flowers and foliage.  Highly aromatic and great for culinary uses.  Royal Velvet is an all-purpose plant that is one of the best selling lavender plants.

MISS KATHERINE – Exquisite pink lavender and extremely aromatic. Semi tall plant with gray-green foliage.  Erect domes of spreading foliage and masses of lovely, deep, pink flowers with silvery calyces which shine in the sun.  Excellent use in a border or to contrast with a darker purple plant.

GROSSO – Very fragrant. Large plant with nice wide gray-green foliage and plump, dark blue flower spikes.  Ample harvest of flowers for lavender wands, sachets, and culinary use.  Dries well for crafting and potpourri.

PROVENCE – Beautiful, soft violet flowers with light purple highlights.  A very prolific bloomer.  Aroma is both powerful and sweet.  Use for culinary, fresh-cut wands and potpourri.

BUENA VISTA –  Vibrant violet blueberry loom.  Growth is not as compact as other lavenders.  Dries well if harvested before the buds open.  Suitable for crafting.

MELISSA – Delicate soft lavender pink flowers.  The aroma of this plant is very sweet and fragrant.  Culinary use.

GROS BLEU – This variety has a clean scent and does not fade when dried.  Rich, vibrant purple color.  Long stems great from crafting.

ABRIALII – Bright violet-blue spikes.  Popular as an oil or ornamental plant.  Works great for lavender wands.