John and Sharon, owners and operators of Wilton Family Lavender Farm invite you to visit their fields of lavender. Wander through the vibrant purple, white, and pink flowering plants surrounded by oak trees while taking in the strong, sweet fragrances of lavender. The farm is situated on a rolling 5 acre property with a year round creek. Come pick you own, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. The pleasant scent will put you in a peaceful state of mind. Lavender is not only beautiful and sensory, it is a practical choice for your garden. Lavender is non-palatable to deer and pests, drought tolerant, and easy to manage.

Before deciding to become lavender farmers, we spent time researching and investigating extensively about lavender. June 2018, Wilton Family Lavender Farm had its first test plants prepared and planted.  We are currently showcasing 11 varieties of Lavender. All the varieties chosen for their beauty, oil, scent and color.

A well loved mediterranean herb, lavender has been associated with cleanliness since Romans first added it to their bathwater. The name comes from the Latin word “Lavanders”, meaning to wash or cleanse. Essential oil of lavender is now known to have many applications in aromatherapy.

Today lavender remains a favorite for scenting clothing, closets, soaps and even furniture polish.  Lavender was traditionally inhaled to ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability and depression. In the Victorian era, women revived themselves with lavender filled swooning pillows.

The calming, fresh, unique fragrance of lavender is available in potpourris, buds, oils, handmade soap, lotions, lip balm, hydro-mists (hydrosol disinfectants), wreaths, candles and much more in our marketplace. 

Explore and Enjoy all that Wilton Lavender Farm has to offer:

  • Labyrinth
  • Birdhouse Nature Walk
  • Snack Bar with lavender infused treats
  • Market Gift Shop
  • Herb Garden
  • Succulent Garden
  • Fairy Garden
  • Professional Photography (by appointment only)
  • Nursery Plants, 3×3 and 1 gallon (call for availability and pricing (916) 899-8580)

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